STEM Mentoring

The overall goal of Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club STEM Mentoring program is to positively impact the academic achievement and social development of our club members. STEM Mentoring consists of fun, hands-on activities, group projects, and multimedia connections that engage mentors and mentees in a variety of STEM topics.

Through weekly group mentoring sessions and additional STEM enrichment activities, club members are exposed to caring mentors who represent a variety of careers and backgrounds. Mentors are crucial to the success of young people: many of them don’t know that they can achieve in STEM, or even that they have the aptitude for it.

By providing consistent, high-quality, STEM-focused mentoring experiences, STEM Mentoring encourages a reduction in high-risk behaviors, improvement of academic success indicators, and an overall increase in knowledge of and interest in STEM topics and careers for club members.